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Counsellors List
Name Designation Mobile Number E-Mail ID
Dr. Shankar Gowda .B.N CIT/PGDIS/PGDCA/BCA/MCA/MBA 9902984984
Prof. H. K. Madhu CIT/PGDIS/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9980008895
Dr. T. Vijayakumar CIT/PGDIS/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9449656593
Prof. A. M. Shivaram CIT / BCA / MCA 9845928722
Dr M.N Sreeranga Raju BCA / MCA 9845999389
Dr M.B Tulase BCA / MCA 9844120479
Dr Gangabhoriah BCA / MCA 9845128875
Dr. Vibha Lakshmikantha BCA / MCA 9900566263
Dr. Rafiq Ahamed BCA / MCA/PGDIBO/MBA 9663071731
Prof. S. Keshava Murthy BCA / MCA 9480334282
Dr. B.T. Harish Kumar CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9980119894
Prof. K.N Prashanth Kumar CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9611748108
Prof. Seema Nagaraj BCA / MCA 9972302549
Prof.K Sharath BCA / MCA 8970909305
Prof. A.G Vishwanath CIT/PGDIS/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9886379599
Prof. C.R. Krishna Prasad PGDIBO/MBA/MP 9448034331
Prof. Shivamurthy H S CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9880695291
Prof. R Vasanth Kumar CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9480408138
Prpf. S Muralinarasimham BCA/MCA 9341265172
Prof. V.G. Ravish BCA/MCA 9964024629
Prof. Shruthiba A CIT/PGDIS/PGDCA/BCA/MCA 9964363863
Prof. M.N Veskatesah CIT/BCA/MCA 9743474108
Prof. R Ravi CIT/BCA/MCA 9739959990
Prof. Usha Rani R BCA/MCA 9916720601
Prof. Manjunath T CIT/BCA/MCA 9535711552
Prof. Mohammad Yusuf MBA / MP 8792727992
Prof. Tejashwini .P.S CIT/BCA/MCA 9902714366
Prof. Anjini .L CIT/BCA/MCA 9844224061

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IGNOU, the National Resource Centre for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) with international recognition and presence, shall provide seamless access to sustainable and learner-centric quality education, skill upgradation and training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies and ensuring convergence of existing systems for massive human resource required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding.


The College is established in the year 1979. Offers regular courses in engineering , B.E,M.Tech,MCA,MBA & Ph.d Pgms with an intake of 900 plus Students Management:Vokkaligara Sanga. Affiliated to VTU and recognized by AICTE, New Delhi.
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